2016 Pre Conference Workshops

2:30-4:30 p.m.

EventTech starts with optional afternoon first-day workshops where attendees can choose from the following topics. (Workshop admission requires an all access registration.)

The virtual reality and augmented reality playbook is evolving – with some major implications for 2017—and you better be up on it. Gone are the days of passive VR experiences, simple 360 videos, and basic augmented engagements.

New technologies including Google’s Tango, the new Daydream VR platform, and Microsoft’s Hololens – each reinventing how event marketers use interactive experiences at live events. This rapid-fire 2017-focused workshop will provide you with the best practices, data and information you need to wrap your arms around the VR and AR crazes—so you can begin to more successfully integrate these tools into your 2017 experiences. Get a background on the technologies, a look at where they’re all going and top tips for leveraging them at events and trade shows. Learn what equipment is needed, how to budget for VR and AR and what the development timeline looks like. Hear how to create great VR and AR experiences, the best ways to use them at events and see examples of it all in action. You’ll walk away ready to make virtual a reality inside your own live experiences.

Presented By:
Hans Stolfus, Senior Manager, Experiential Marketing, Samsung
Michael Schaiman, Prinicipal, Helios Interactive
Chris Beeby, Creative Technologist, Wasserman
Surya Buchwald, Director of Innovation, Helios Interactive

Take a deep breath. Now come inside the experiential marketing playbook of dozens of brands such as Verizon, Pepsi, Google, Heineken, Cisco, Audi, Prudential, Ford, Reebok, SAP, American Express, The North Face and a helluva lot more in this rapid-fire workshop designed to arm you with trends and insights on using digital and live together. Get a look at our exclusive 12 Layers of Digital Experiences. Hear how brands are leveraging emerging tech trends in 2017. Learn the common “digital + live” traits shared by the best experiential marketers. All content is presented as part of our fast-paced 10 Habits of Digital+ Live Experiences. Throughout it all, you’ll get access to exclusive case studies never before seen.

Presented By:
Dan Hanover, Editor & Publisher, Event Marketer magazine